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Nick Adenhart – Rest In Peace …

Although this is a development and technology blog, I could not help but spend some time writing a few thoughts regarding the death of Los Angeles Angels rookie prospect pitcher, Nick Adenhart, who died at the tender age of 22 years young, hours after having pitched the best game of his brief major league career.

Nick Adenhart was a man I had never met and one whose profile and image were not readily fresh in my mind. After all, He was a rookie pitcher that attained the 3rd spot in the Angels rotation because of injuries to their top 3 pitchers. To be fair to Nick, he did have a pretty good spring training and he did come into the season as the 3rd starter.

Nick had just pitched the game of his young career, allowing no runs in 6 interesting innings as he got into and out of trouble and left with a 3-0 lead. The Angels went on to lose that game, therefore, depriving Nick of his first win of the season. After the game, manager Mike Scioscia was quoted saying that Nick “.. deserved a better fate …” obviously meaning that after having left the game won, the bullpen should have saved that victory. Nick spoke to his agent, well-known Scott Boras, telling him that he now felt like a major league pitcher after his performance.

A few hours after he left the Angel’s clubhouse and only 7 miles away from Angel Stadium, Nick and 3 other young people were heading for a club a little past midnight. As they crossed an intersection, a 22-year-old man, identified as Andrew Gallo, blew past a red light, striking the Eclipse that Nick was riding shotgun on flush on the passenger side, eventually killing 3 and leaving 1 critically wounded. Andrew Gallo has now been charged with 3 counts of Murder, amongst other charges, according to The Sporting News.

It is a tragedy all around, for Nick, for his Family and friends, for the Angels and the Angel Organization, for the foolish young man who killed three people and whose life now is in the hands of the people of the state of California. Sadness fills my heart for the 22-year-old who died, along with 2 of his companions … right next to the anger that I feel for the 22-year-old whose life is also over, as it should be.

Nick Adenhart – Rest In Peace … ♥

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