Jose Jose sings “El Triste” at the Latin Music Festival II 1970

José José’s big break came on March 25, 1970, when he represented Mexico in an international song festival, the “II Festival de la Canción Latina” (Latin Song Festival II, the predecessor of the OTI Festival) with an amazing performance of the song “El Triste“. The performance of the song was so impressive that caused tears, standing ovations, expressions of amazement and cheers from Angélica María, Alberto Vázquez, Marco Antonio Muñiz, the judges and the spectators in the Teatro Ferrocarrilero in Mexico City.

The fact that José José got the third place shocked the audience.[11]

After the hit of “El Triste”, his popular romantic ballad style mixed with a unique voice made him the star of stars in Mexico. He started his first international tour through Los Angeles, Miami, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Brazil, and Argentina. José played the lead role in small movies like Sueño de Amor,[12] Buscando Una sonrisa[13] and La Carrera del millón.[14]

Source: WikiPedia

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  1. I love you José José. You are number one. I cry and tear everytime I hear El Triste. That song has also helped me to live. If it wasen’t for that song I would not be here today. I owe my life to this number third song that should have made First Place. The quero much . Garcia’s you saved my life and the heartache I would have caused my family. I can’t thank you enough.

  2. Thank you very much Jose Jose, I love you and all your songs specially El Triste, very impressive performance I love your unique beautiful romantic style. You sure saved me when i was a teenager and now that i’m older you still make my heart skip a beat you still have it baby. God bless you

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